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Tongue Guide™ Standard Pro

Tongue Guide™ Standard Pro

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Quantity: 12 in a box.

Tongue Guide Standard Pro is the optimal tongue retractor and elevator to improve access, visibility, and control when assessing, diagnosing, and performing surgical procedures of tongue ties. 

Tongue Guide Standar Pro is ideal for 2 years old to adults.

Be sure to also view our Tongue Guide Infant Pro, which is used for newborn to 2 years old. We also have Tongue Guide Home available for assessment and for parents to use at home after a tongue tie to perform the important exercises.


Box Quantity

12 in a box.

Dr. Larry Kotlow Testimonial

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Modernizing and Improving Clinical Performance and Transforming the Patient Experience.

Helpful for instructing patients and parents on use of the tongue for myofunctional therapy, lactation issues, speech problems and other areas where the tongue needs to be retrained for optimal function and mobility.

  • Tongue Guide Standard Pro Retractor is developed for the assessment and surgical correction of tongue-ties.

  • Our gentle professional line comes in 2 sizes - Infant Pro and Standard Pro.

  • Also view Tongue Guide Home for assessments and post-surgical care.

Gentle comfortable retraction for 2 years old to adults.

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    Improves access to elevate and reach the surgical site easier.


    Improves visibility when assessing the site and when using a laser during frenectomy.


    Improves control due to the ergonomic handle and secured texture grip handle material.


    Patients are much more comfortable and relaxed during assessment or surgical procedure.