Instructions For Use 
Armor Dental Soft Tissue Retractors 

  • Before sterilization, instruments should be washed/disinfected and cleaned using your standard procedure to remove any debris. Using an enzyme-based detergent is preferred but not required. Avoid harsh disinfectants used for metal instruments especially Cavacide type wipes prior to autoclaving.
  • Wash and rinse instrument and place in sterilization bag.
  • Multiple instruments can be placed in a bag.
  • Sterilize in Statim or traditional autoclave on bagged cycle.
  • Autoclave at 250 F to 273 F on bagged setting for at least 20 minutes or per ADA guidelines. Latex Free.
  • Tongue Guide Pro, ScanMate and Comfort Soft are be used by dental and medical professionals and can be autoclaved 30 cycles. 
  • Tongue Guide Pro -- As you reach a higher number of autoclave cycles, you will begin to notice some normal wear and tear on the material (minor discoloring or flaking). Discard when flaking after cycle times are met.
  • Tongue Guide Home is single use and used by parents to perform the proper exercises and lifting after a frenectomy. Not autoclavable.
  • MouthMate is single patient used for brushing and retracting. Not autoclavable.
  • ScanMate can be autoclaved 30 cycles and replaced after the normal wear and tear from the autoclave.  
  • Comfort Soft can be autoclaved and is meant to be used chairside and immediately given to patient to use at home for brushing and retracting.
  • ScanMate, MouthMate and Comfort Soft have bendable handles. To maximize use, gently bend the neck of the adjustable tip to desired angle for use and leave it in place. Increased bending frequency and bending to sharp angles beyond 60 degrees will shorten the useful life of the product.


Please reach out to info@armor-dental.com with any questions. Someone will return your message within 24 hours or less. Thank you!